Reading Journal: Week 5–11 May, 2014


What I read:

I managed to finish The Magician's Guild and was sadly disappointed by it. But I could start the next book, The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Lesley Walton. And I finished it. And wow. I need to write a review on it and be careful not to spoil anything, this is a book you need to go into unexplored. It is so worth it. My heart broke and cried for these characters. I really love magical realism. The book kind of reminded me of Sarah Addison Allen’s style. Which is one of my favorites. I actually went into this book expecting a love story. I end up with a heartbreak. After this I decided to give my heart a rest and read something more light weighed.

What I will be reading:

I wanted to read After the End, but as I said, I need to put my heart to rest. So I decided on The Rosie Project by Graeme C. Simsion. I read the first few pages last night before deciding on it. I started to giggle and the character reminded me of Sheldon Cooper. Which is a type of character I would love to see more of. So yes, that was it, I will be reading this book!

On other reading and books related notes:

My friend went to Barcelona this week and came back with the book I left behind in that big bookstore after my heart wanted it badly. I did read the english version and loved it more and now it is one of my favorite books ever. But I still craved the spanish version of it with it’s long title and it’s pretty yellow cover. A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki has become my favorite book on time. It is just amazing! And now I have the beautiful spanish version! I love it! And I want to savor every word slowly. So I will be reading this book little by little, since I already read the english version. And after then I do a review on why I love it so much since I forgot to make notes to make the review on the english version.

Also, I bought a red moleskine notebook specially for book journaling. I am reflecting at about twice every book so I remember details, collect quotes and remember how something made me feel. I got the idea from many blog posts but I never found anyone sharing their reading journal, understandable. So I had to come up with my way of doing this. And I love it! Though it does add some writing time to my already busy journaling schedule. But since I do it like twice a week it’s fine. I am planning, if I stick to it, to only buy once a year a red one for this purpose and keep track of my year reading. While my normal journaling I will keep it on the purple versions of the notebooks.

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