Reading Journal: Week 24 April - 4 May

What I read / am reading:
There is not much I can write about this week. My reading has been shorten by migraines. But I am trying to finish the “Magician’s Guild” by today. I have to admit I am disappointed. The writing is horrible and the only reason I stick to it is because I know t he next books get better. I know when “The Magician’s Apprentice” came out it was of better quality than this. I feel I am reading an eight year old novel, just lengthy. I finally reached part two of the book, so no more running, yay! After it I think I will indeed take a breath a read some beautiful words. Just need t o push through it. I really like Canavan’s style, just not on this first book, which lacks the experience she now has. In a way I am glad that I started reading her with a recent book and not this one. I would have probably stop. I won’t even review this book, probably the series once I am done reading it. I am on the point where I just want to step on stupid and empty-headed Sonea and stomp on her like you do with ants as a kid.
What I will be reading:
On my MAYBE TBR list I have:
I am still in doubt but changes are pointing to Ava’s stale. As you might have noticed, I don’t really stick to TBR lists. I just use them as a guide. By the way, I will probably go slower on my reading because I need to start spending some time with my language studies (aka: nederlands). So that is an hour of less reading and less writing . But I’ll try to keep to the one book a week goal which should be doable with books under 400 pages.

How was your week? Did you manage to finish any book?

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