Reading Journal Week 19 – 25 May, 2014

What I read:

This week I was slowly dragging through An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. I don’t think it was a good idea to start with this book. It kind of ruin my willingness to read some of his other books. I can say a lot of things I didn’t like on this book. But I will refrain to why I kept reading in the first place. (a) Curiosity and (b) persistence. I was curious as to how it would end (only to be disappointed) and I was persistent in the fact that I really want to finish the books I start even if I realize they are just another kind of shallow chic read. At least I get experience in different kind of genres. I still have to get myself around to read some Stephen King someday, just to have a bite and see if I like it. For now I will enjoy what I am reading next.
What I will read / am reading:

I finally began to read Pride and Prejudice. Yes, THE Pride and Prejudice , by Jane Austen. A classic. At last. The English is frying my brain as I go but I spent the whole night after I began to read dreaming about the book (and that from just the first 20 pages). So you can say I was somewhat dying to read it but waiting for the right moment where my reading comprehension reached a satisfying level to understand it without bumping my head against the table every paragraph. So I will be enjoying the real Mr. Darcy for once.

Do you have a favorite classic?

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