On Traveling Pleasures

If I was given the option to have a car in order to make my daily commute to work, I would refuse in an instant. What seemed once a dreaded long ride to my duties have become one of my favorites part of the day. An excuse to succumb to the pleasures of my books without distraction or excuses because I need to hang the laundry or do the dishes or even catch up with my language studies.

Where it not for these extra 40 minutes to spend on this leisure I would not be enjoying the elegance of Pride and Prejudice, which I waited so long to read. I would not be laughing and making faces while reading. I would not been touch by the sweet words of Tell The Wolves I’m Home. Nor laughed and felt bubbly with The Rosie Project. Nor would I be so in love with the pleasure of reading it self. I have discovered something I love because I have to travel to my work. Most people despises such a journey, I look forward to it everyday. And no it seems I am addicted to it, as my favorite place to read, is the train.

she writes