Human Tears

Crying is often associated with pain. More often we cry when we are touched. We cry for joy, we cry of anger, we cry of sadness, loneliness, faith. The tears we cry are never the same. Simplifying the reason we cry on pain takes away their worth. It diminishes it’s effects and blind our hearts. Human tears are not made the same. We do not cry when in pain, we weep. Tears become a fountain of emotions poring through us, our body releasing all it’s resources to make us feel better. When we cry, tears just roll down in a gentle manner, as an expression of the heart. The brain uses words, the heart uses tears, and each one of them are different.

Rose-Lynn Fisher created a series of photographs called The Typography of Tears in order to capture how our emotions look inside a dry human tear. Each tear composed of different substances of the body as they are produced by these emotions. Abstract beauties which somehow tell you something, even if that which it is meant to say, cannot be spoken in words.

I cry when I am angry. I cry when I am happy.

she writes