The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

A book review

My love: ♥♥♥○○

I got this book through NetGalley. I applied to it since I have written journals since I was 13 and I am always curious when a journal gets published. To my surprise, this was not a written journal, but an illustrated journal. It is hard for me to review this as I was expecting some story, well, the conventional type at least. The book is just random, as random as it could get without loosing coherence. It start with innocence, and ends in love and heartbreaks and life. I found myself wondering why am I even looking at it, as soon as I click it as ‘read’ on my goodreads account it felt I was cheating on my year goal. But I have to admit, it had me giggling and looking back on my own teen days and my own journals. There was a lot I could relate to. So in a way it did grab me as a reader, ehm, art appreciator. And I love doodles. It is cute and witty and it will make you giggle.

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