Reading journal Week March 31 – April 6, 2014

What I read:

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey 

The book itself was kind of weird when it came to setting up the plot. I didn’t expect the multiple points of views, but I enjoyed them a lot. It was quite refreshing for a YA novel and the usual kick-ass heroin. (Still waiting for a non-kick-ass heroin novel.)
“Maybe the last human being on Earth won't die of starvation or exposure or as a meal of wild animals.
Maybe the last one to die will be killed by the last one alive.”
I will start with Cassie, your typical female lead of any YA. I am having problems changing the faces of these girls as they all turn out to be pretty much the same lately. She is your typical socially awkward girl who has to learn to be though and ends up being a badass who survives anything and falls in love with the strange dark and mysterious kid on the block. That pretty much defines it.

What I thought about it:

If this was the reason I wanted to read this novel, I wouldn’t have finished it. In all honesty I preferred the Silencer and Sammy. Both on the end sides of the line. The guilty and the innocent. But the characters were not the reason I read. Nor the aliens, although when they reveal what kind of aliens they are (to most people discontent) I got VERY into it. Finally my type of aliens. Not the Hollywood type. But before finding out what kind of aliens they were and how they got to Earth, before this entire heartbreaking Silencer story. I began to read because the way the book was written was dam good. And that is the word, and I am sorry. But it was that good. It took me 8 hours to read, but it was because for most of the book I would have to go back and re-read and take each of the words in. And re-read again because they were just beautiful.

I read on the tram, on the train and on the station most of it. And I loved it and I can’t wait for the next book. Sure, the characters are cliché, yes, very much. And I should have given it 4/5 stars because of this. But I rated it 5. Why? Because I loved it. Because unlike other YA books, I am looking forward to the next book and reading Sammy again. And figure out what happened to Silencer. He did make a promise after all. And he did learn with Cassie promises are something that matter now in the brink of humanity’s extinction.
“Because promises matter.
They matter now more than ever.”
So I hope, I hope. I mean, considering the kind of alien they are, I’m pretty sure there must be a way. As long as that was don’t include a sad computer with his consciousness. That would just suck. Mr. Yancey broke my heart with the Silencer. He better make up for it.
I actually cried with this scene:
“I am a shark, Cassie," he says slowly, drawing the words out, as if he might be speaking to me for the last time. Looking into my eyes with tears in his, as if he's seeing me for the last time. "A shark who dreamed he was a man.”

What I am going to read this week:

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

I enjoyed Cinder and I am looking forward to this book. Though I guess I am reading it a bit faster than I intended. Mainly because I don’t want to think about clichés. But this story now goes with Red Riding Hood story and how she meets Cinderella’s story. The story begins with Scarlet’s grandmother missing. And I know some romance is involved with the ‘wolf’ whoever/whatever that is. I did read around in some reviews that it is better than the first book. But in all honesty I do not trust YA reader’s reviews anymore. I have the feeling most are amongst the “ahhhh kiss him!” lines. Or “Yes! You are a badass heroin! I like you!” Yea. You get the point. I like reading different things, different characters and story lines. So we will see how much I enjoy this one. I liked Cinder’s “I-don’t-care” selfish attitude even if later she becomes the “I need to save society” type.

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