Reading Journal: April 21–27, 2014

Hey there! I did it! I finished Winter's Tale and I am certainly proud of it. I confess I had to skip some parts which were driving me crazy and the book in the end was not as rewarding as I hoped. But I did it! I finished it! And now I feel I can go through any book! (except Don Quijote, Don Quijote must die. Now that's a good book title.) I made the review as coherent and honest as possible. You can find it here.
It almost feels the more I read, the faster I read. I just began Mr. Penumbra 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan and I'm already pass the 100 pages in 1 day. I should be finishing it today or tomorrow depending on how tired I am. It is a national holiday here so time is limited specially when you still have an evening shift to do. But I am loving this book! It's so witty and quirky and cute! And the mystery keeps me going and going page after page. I'll be making a short review about it once I finish it.
I joined NetGalley and just got a few books approved, so I might be reading a couple this week for official reviewing. I am looking forward to them and can't wait to start but I've been wanting to read Sloan's book for a long time now, so first thing first. Here are the books I've got to read.

I will be starting with Smiler's Fair by Rebecca Lavene. [link to gr] It's about a magical fair which changes your life and how it changes the life of five characters, which sound kind of medieval. I am curious as the premise sound a lot like The Night Circus and the cover is very pretty. I know it sounds shallow, but when care is taken on the cover, it feels care was taken on the book also.
Depending on how fast I read that one (if good enough in two days), I will like to read The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop. It seems to be just a journal kind of book according to the latest reviews, but again, I am curious. As a journal collector myself, writing journals since my teens, I want to read it. I will offer an honest review and I doubt it takes me long to read this as it contains graphics too.
So that is that for this week adventures in Wonderland.

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