Reading Journal: 14–20 April, 2014

A Worthy Weird ‘Winter’s Tale’

Since the book I am currently reading is long, I will be writing both weeks about it and make a worthy review at the end for my goodreads account. As always, this is a journal / book talk, not a review, so "Spoiler Alert".

What I've been reading:

You probably already know how I got to this "old" book if you read my last journal entry. If you haven't, go there first.
I read a lot on how the book is like a weird dizzying confusing ride. A lot on "what the hell is the wall of cloud?" and "I don't get it!" But I also read some reviews from those who got through the twist and confusion and managed to be greatly rewarded. I am pushing myself to be part of the last group. Though it has been easier than I expected.

What I think so far:

First I was in love with how in love and how well matched Peter Lake and Beverly Penn were... Are... Don't know. I'm on the part where they are both supposedly dead after figuring out the time frame. With much struggle. But the story is about bringing back the dead, right? That's what I've read... So I consider the, still alive for now. I know the romance in this book is very flash, except for the last couple.

At first I thought it was weird how sexually free was the writing, yet elegant and tasteful. Confusing me as to whether Peter was a 12 year old boy or a teenager... Turned out he was a 12 year old boy having sex with pick pocketing lesbian girls. Yea... But I pushed through that weirdness and he finally grows up and finally meets Beverly, who's love for the stars wins over my own. In the end Peter Lake, after losing everything, search for his answers, and to know about the child he saw die when he was a child himself. What this got us was a long speech on poverty and children... Makes me wonder what relevance this scene had on the story, or the author wanted to use it as an excuse for a statement, or he just wanted to fill up space with spiced- words smartness, or he just wanted to show off his skills. Either way, it was once hell of a speech.

"The city is burning and under siege. And we are in a war in which everyone is killed and no one is remembered."

After Peter lake disappears in a weird cloud, I am send forward in time with Victoria and Hardesty (ugly weird name). Then I realize they are like two generations after Peter Lake. And now I am lost with what year we are in. But trying to stay on it. The characters meet in New York. Another flash… but oh well. Victoria comes form the town behind the wall. A mysterious place with mysterious people with pure souls. Although I still somehow think is some sort of time portal. At some point they talk about bridges and the press wonder why the architect mentions San Francisco, because supposedly, they are no bridges in San Francisco... Back then. He reply with simply "my mistake". While late on we see Hardesty comes from San Francisco.

Hardesty comes from the wealthiest Italian in San Francisco but leaves his fortune to his brother to follow his father's lessons and build himself like he did, from ground up and become a deserving man of his fortune. This, to the misfortune of those under his brother's hands now. But I kind of smile at this part, I loved the idea, which send Hardesty into an adventure of his own. It made me realize, that is true freedom. No attachments, nothing, but the pursuit of a perfectly just city. I liked it when Hardesty explained why he had to choose from his father's inheritance and what his father intended with it, and yet how nobody really understood why.

The other two characters where lovelier.

As for how all these characters connect to the past Peter Lake who was lost in the clouds... supposedly they all end up working somehow for Harry Penn, who had no importance whatsoever in the beginning of the story. And for those whiners out there, there are NOT that many characters. I've seen more characters in the Games of Thrones & Dune books. Also, they story does makes sense if you pick up on clues. But yes, unlike most YA and contemporary fiction, it requires a lot of focus to follow. But oh it is so worth it.

As for what I'll be reading, surely you know, I must continue my journey through the strange wall of clouds and the stranger New York and cities by lakes. After that, I am debating between "If I Stay" or "Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore". The latest I have, the other I will need to buy if I am to read it. But it sounds a lot like "The Lovely Bones", one of my favorite books ever. Hence I want to read it before I see the movie.

"Remember, what we are trying to do in this life is to shatter time and bring back the dead. Rise, Virginia. Rise and see the whole world."

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