How do I pick my books?

Seldom have I chosen a book by the hype. Most of the times books find me and my heart jumps as I walk around the book store for an hour. I remember being in Barcelona for holidays and seeing the book “A Tale for the Time Being” in Spanish. The cover was beautiful and I read the description and I just had to have it. But I didn’t got it then. Months later, I have a coin purse filled with tips and hours to just browse stores. So I get the small version of the English one. Worth it.
A long time ago, during holidays in Belgium, I went a few days before to the book store and fell in love with a book, “The Language of Flowers”. I told my boyfriend, back then I didn’t have a job, so I could not just buy anything without feeling guilty. He saw my enthusiasm, and we were going on holidays. So the day before, he took me to the store and asks me to find it. The book now holds memories of those holidays with him.
So basically, I read books by intuition. Much as I am reading “Winter’s Tale”. I am basically pushed towards the book in the store. Or I see it somewhere. I remember my first book I saw it on a magazine and I bought it. I loved it and it made me fall in love with reading. Now I have my e-reader, and what I read is much defined by my mood. I do have hard copies of some books, but I can’t buy that many for now due to my limited shelf space. But how I choose when it’s not intuitive is like this:

    • Is it beautiful? Yes, it has to be appealing, whether the title, the writing style or even the cover. Something needs to be beautiful.
    • Is the story about philosophical meaning of life and the universe, time, hope, and love?
    • Does it contain cliché characters? Can I ignore them for the story? Flash romance? Can I ignore it too?
    • Does the writing styles flows like music into my heart?
    • Is it action or reflective? I can read both but it depends on the mood.
    • Does it has a 3.5/5 stars or more rating? Same as with movies, a 3.5/5 stars I give it a chance. A 4/5 or more, I definitely pick.

What are your requirements when you choose a book?

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