DREAM: Of day and night and places to hide

She returned home after a long time and found a land divided in two. Those of day and those of night. Those of night controlled the rest. They let you live if you stay inside your 2m2 bedroom in one of the many subterranean houses. She did not understand at first, so she decided to go through the toilet of another house and go outside. She succeeded twice but the third time she was caught. They were always watching, even during the day. The night being that found her was kind and let her live as long as she returned to the house. Her family ate whip cream from a bowl on everything just because it was nice and her brother was displeased because in the end he had no more whip cream left. She told him to keep quiet, as the cream was not done and the bowl was half full. Afterwards she went outside with her sisters and realized it was getting dark, she told them to go back, as night was approaching and the night ones would rise and hunt.

Then the night turned to day and the night ones disappeared in a mist. They don’t scare her anymore. Much in that world don’t really, where one she was full of fear. Which is good. The next thing she knew there was a bay, a sort of small piece of sea trapped around buildings which someone used to train whales. The next scene was not so nice as it was her own creation, of her own fear. Two were swimming with the killer whales and then she thought, “what if the killer whale is not as kind as it looks?” and then the body floated, or the arm that was left of it. The whales swam away after this as it was unwise to keep them. The sea became a bridge, the water was clear and dark at the same time. Her fear of drowning vanished a long time ago and in a way sometimes she wished she would fall and swim in an endless ocean (she has done it before you see). And she almost fell in, but her purpose kept her going and she quickly returned to the bridge.

The city was being rebuild, everyone was finding their new home amongst a river. Walls were risen around it, and instead of their old streets, people traveled through the water, by boats, canoes, drafts and swimming. She left her home once and was looking for a place to buy some things. Upon return her father told her how bored he was so she offered him to help her search for a house as she was to rent in the area. He agreed to join, so she took the car and drove without fear through a curve and a steep street of dirt. She evaded some cars and remembered her father was going with her. So she stop and reversed the car slowly without falling, she was very proud of this. Then she brought her father and went to search for the new house. She found none, as she woke up.

she writes