About a Job I Love

And after a couple of weeks from the second interview, when I least expected it, on the last day, at night, I got a phone call and words that were engraved in me forever. This was it. I found my place in this strange land. I was surprised on who got picked. I wondered what made us so special. And I realized it wasn’t our skills nor our individual personalities (which are 180 degrees different). What made us special is how we click together, as if we were raised together. How we instantly cared for each other in the most honest and humanly way possible you can imagine. In that first day we were family. I believe this is the company’s magic touch, and how they do it is beyond my comprehension. Though I do plan on understanding it in the future.
I didn't´t imagine I would ever be working for real in this kind of job. I am an ambassador at CitizenM Hotel in Rotterdam. I remember desperately looking for a different job where my body wouldn't´t hurt so much. I cried long nights begging and long days applying on anything I could find. I decided to focus on staying in hotels since, even though my work was hard to do, I enjoyed all the international people. It was the kind of world I imagined once. And I could use English.
I wanted to study tourism when I was a little kid. Mainly because I thought it was fascinating to learn new languages and talk to people all over the world. And the best job for that, was to work in a hotel. But fear of people and numbers kept me away from that dream. One day I got a response from CitizenM about their ambassador position (which I knew nothing about of course). I replied with a weird message like “sure, no idea what it is, but I’ll be there and see what happens”. To which I got a response back with ‘…’ (we all know what … means). But they wanted me to be honest so I was.
That day I had a birthday party and I would have to assist on my own after the recruitment day. I got on the train, jumped out to help an old lady leaving all my belongings in the train (fortunately managed to get in in time). Lesson learned. But I like to think of it as a sign. I could do this. I was not afraid of people anymore. Of helping them. Of jumping in (or out in this case). I could do this. I could do it.
I was first in around 10 girls, of which 2 are now colleagues of mine. We waited outside to be on time. Afraid we would miss the place and be late. The place was in total construction. We did some exercises. Talk a lot. Talk. Talk. And talk some more. With everyone. Not your typical interview. Funny how well my conversational memory helped me here as I got asked questions on our second interview about who and what and where. Much to test my listening and attention capacities I suppose. How much I cared for strangers and what they tell me. I passed it all. I was in the party when I got invited for the second round. So the subject of the night was the job and the hotel and why was it so different.

And then a happy chapter begun. A stable promising job where I can grow. With colleagues that are more than just the people I work with. A beautiful place to meet beautiful people form all over the world. With boats decorating the living rooms, just like I wanted. Amazing coffee every day. Sunshine, boats and quirkiness and colors everywhere. These pictures were taken just yesterday after a nice conversation with two Korean girls. These kind of pictures are the kind of reward I was looking for, more than just money, more than just a stable place. I wanted to be able to smile like this in a job and make others smile. My first and only wish when I was a child, “I just want to make people smile,” and that included the idea of becoming a clown somewhere along the way.
Now life moves forward and I am happier than ever before. I wake up happy and looking forward to the new day and seeing my hotel. Wondering what kind of people I will meet today. I wake up to my love being happy also, because we are, because slowly but surely we move forward. After so many struggles, we are moving forward and living today with happiness.

she writes