Reading Journal: Week 24–30 March

Cinder and a Rant on YA Trilogies.

I decided to begin writing about my weekly reading. Instead of scribbling all over paper and never doing anything with it. I am currently reading a book a week. Which so far is working, as long as I read every day. I’ve planned some books, but truth be told, I hate eating a pre-planned pizza if I am craving an apple. If that even make sense. In someone’s world it hopefully does. But that is the thing, no matter how good the book seems, if it’s not the right time, it’s not the right time.

This weekly journal won’t contain just what I read and what I think. It is not a review. It is a journal. And I will talk about what I read this week and probably even months ago. Most likely what I read this week. No strings attached. I have a 50 books for 2014 goal. Which tells me I am three books behind. So somewhere along the weeks I have to read two extra books. Recommendations are welcome.

In the mean while, CINDER! I bought this book after much hesitation with some spare change. I got a compliment with it from the store clerk, “student card?” Pfffttt HA! Yea. He did got me a .50 cents reduction, which was perfect, as I only had enough for it. I began to read it immediately. It was simple, straight to the point and I liked Cinder. Honestly selfish and “I’ll do it my way” style. But then she fall in love and all goes down, suddenly being pulled between her plans and her responsibility to Earth. Off to save the world. A world who don’t want her anyway, being more than half robot and all. But it’s a good book if you ignore it is not a masterpiece. It was not written with the whole massive Sci-Fi readers in mind. But with the giggling teenagers who wish for impossible fantasy romances and a kick-ass attitude. I enjoyed it and am soon to get the second and third book.

It took me about five to six hours to finish between 20 minutes rides back and forth from work. My only complain is that the book is so simple and so short, all three books should’ve been one single standing book. Not a trilogy. There is nothing trilogy-ly about the end. It was more like the end of a chapter. Why would you do that other than to make money while finishing the book? Or possibly the fear of this part of the book being rejected and hence deciding not to write the rest? Does that even happen? I just don’t understand why so many trilogies that might as well become simple books. Now look at Harry Potter massive books. THEY are a series. Why? Because the books actually end and begin anew on the next. Except the last 2 books. But then they would have become too gigantic. Take Lord of the Rings. They are a trilogy and well so. They have a beginning and an end. And they are massive in my opinion. Those are the moments I understand books divided in series. But these latest post-apocalyptic YA series are just annoyingly cut in three. If Meyer would have expanded more on the history of the WWIV and the plague, as well as the cyborg raise and so on, politics and what-not, then I would have gotten to the end and said “enough”. Then a second book would come. But the book is just too short for such divisions.

So that’s it for this week’s Reading Journal. ♥

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