DREAM: The Five Moons (a dream short story)

a dream

She woke up in the space hotel. It was new years eve and all the rooms were sold. People were exited to celebrate the new year in space, watching the earth rotate and completing it's solar journey. A couple who also spoke Spanish were obsessed looking around for her assistance as she tried to evade them. No one else understood them after all. In the end she couldn't. Everything was going wrong with their room, especially the temperature. She managed to calm them down and went downstairs. After some chat with her colleagues they got a call from their manager. The ship was being invaded by space pirates. She went to the control room where she hid from them, trying to take them down one by one.

In the control room, finally sneaking away from them, she saw the window on top of the room. Through it, two suns. Remnants of the last book series she finished reading, the two suns of Centaury- Earth. "Oh right! The planet is supposed to be behind the ship! We are not on Earth anymore!" she said out loud with curiosity and excitement. The idea that she was dreaming already ripping through the fabrics of her current reality.

She attempted to tumble the ship a bit with her dream strength. Of course, being a dream, she is the strongest being on the universe. But she didn't wanted to over do it, as dreams tend to run out of hand if pushed too far. Sometimes she would find herself hanging upside down after such a trick and falling hard on the ground. She hated the way her stomach turned in such events. So she pushed, but softly. Enough for her to see that indeed, on the other side of the ship, was Centauri- Earth. She called one of her colleagues and tried again, showing her the planet is there and that they should land and explore. Her colleague however, too impatient, took matters in her own hands and tried to stir the ship towards the planet. She tried to stop her colleague but it was too late. The ship was drifting into space and away from Centauri- Earth.

She tried to get the ship back in orbit, as she did, her body expanded and her hands touched two smaller hands on each side. Her two daughters floated right beside her, towards the new planet, their new home. One older than the other, both with long wavy hair. The father followed behind. Filled with excitement she taught her daughters to navigate in space. It was, after all, not the first time she has done it. But instead of landing on the planet, their bodies were propelled further into space, through stars and moons and above planets yet unknown.

At some point she said, "here we go!" and they flew once more, landing on a spaceport dedicated to intergalactic immigrants. Where they are to choose their provisions while they find a new home in the new planet. The girls chose backpacks filled with essential things, both pink, one of Hello Kitty and another one of Barbie. The father and the mother chose new clothing. On their way down ten electric stair, they encountered another family just arriving, Dutch, with a small Dutch blond boy. They exchanged some words she can't recall and went their own way.

Outside, they were in awe. The planet was bigger, much bigger than Earth, about four times. You could see it in how the horizon stretched to all sides. Like The bending of a spoon, but then filled with life and light. They stood by a cliff outside the spaceport and looked up to the sky. She saw countless stars and five moons. Each one another planet close-by filled with life. And it was, as she saw the orbits, all planets were perfectly synchronize to orbit each other, close to the two suns. In a weird way, but it worked, somehow it made sense. She then approached the cliff to take a better look of the city. She sat by the edge and saw her mother by her side. "Mom, look at all the moons," she pointed out to the ghost of her mother, who quickly vanished. A temporary apparition of a possible reality. Maybe she was there, for a brief moment, she shared her moons and stars with her mother.

Then her eyes drifted to the city. She couldn't wait to explore. There were so many buildings, lights, life, plants and flying cars. The planet was more alive than she expected. With the father of the girls she decided to go down to explore. But they were promptly stopped by the gravitational shoe maker. You see, as he explained, gravity down there was not the same. They would have to wear magnetic implants on their legs until their bodies adjust to the change.

And so they did. They then met a lovely dark- skinned couple with a child of their own. They lived in a simple yellow house made of plain stone. Most of the houses in the area were like this. But they didn't care, it was a lovely place to start again. The market was very familiar, with fruits and clothing. The girls fell asleep after a long journey and she and their father adventured outside.

Getting used to walking in a different gravity felt strange, but it was fun. And pretending you did know how to walk was amusing. As you needed to act normal, if you didn't want to be treated strange. And speak as less as possible, as your accent could also give you away. It was hard to understand the locals, but this she also took as a challenge.

They were under a waterfall, under the streets of the city. And they decided to jump, even though they barely knew how to walk. But they made it. This time they did. As it happened, she had this dream before, but before she fell with him and perished. Now they jumped and lived. She expected something bad to happen, something dramatic and mean, as it happens in most dreams. It was all too good, too perfect and too easy to be true. But then she thought, it doesn't have to be bad. Maybe this is all there is, starting over and getting used to it. Maybe that is the challenge and not the separation of her family. And so, she woke up in peace.

she writes