Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

A book review

My love: ♥♥♥○○

I remember when I saw the cover of this book. I fell in love with it and the name. I mean, you got to love such a romantic fantasy name such as Seraphina. I began reading this book in 2012. Back when I was starting to read more frequently thanks to my newly acquired Kobo Touch. But it turned out to be too incomprehensible for my brain and English vocabulary level at that moment. So I let it sit until 2 years later and at about 15 books later. Seraphina is about a half-dragon/half-human girl trying to do the right thing for both of her worlds. A strong moral and intelligent character, which makes for a strong intelligent story.

The reading now was easier, but not without effort. I usually dislike epic fantasies. Their complex wording and endless hard-to-pronounce names and plot tangles. But yet, Seraphina offered me that touch of epic fantasy  world, beautiful characters and intrigue when it comes to their inner world. I won't comment on the politics as it's not my strongest point. Seraphina is narrated in first person. She is a savant musician half dragon with strange abilities. I have to admit, were it not for the visions she had of the others, I would have lost quick interest. Trying to figure out who was Fruit Bat kept me reading. And his appearance at the end didn't disappointed me at all. The secondary character, princess Gliselda, surprised me also at how I grew fond of her while in her first appearance I hated her. World building was perfect. One of the few reasons I continued to read.

The rest of the novel itself is very slow phased. I felt I was struggling with a heavy rock on my back trying to reach the tipping point, to which once I arrived, felt like I was rushing down the hill. Some of the dialog dragged with elaborated descriptions on their surrounding. The wording choice is not for light readers. I found myself getting lost a lot between reading, understanding what I was reading and trying to pronounce words I never heard before. I'm pretty sure my brain didn't process a lot while struggling.

Romance was sudden, hurried and illogical. The plot picks up in the last 25% of the book. With a promise that some people might love for the future of the series, while others -like me- might not. I'm pretty certain the next book will involve more politics and war, less on character development. I do expect to see how they grow into their roles. Specially the princess. But I might end up skipping long political talk pages.

I do recommend this book if your reading skills are highly polished (I just started full time reading two years ago). The reason I scored it 3 stars is because of it constant drag and slow phase reading. As well as the unnecessary romance plot.  But that's just me. It is well developed. You will probably follow it better than I did. And the characters are well done. Maybe it serves as a starting point for the next book. I'm just glad that I stick to finish this book once and for all.

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