2014 Reading Challenge

I am done with yearly propositions. No more "to learn this", "to finish that," and the such. I just want to enjoy my life and what I do without the pressure that I have to do it. Yet, I figured I needed to read more in order to write more. So I created myself a simple goal. Seeing how last year I read 10 books in about 4 months. I decided to pick 12 books, read one per month and write a review. The rest I end up reading out of the list will be for my own keepsake and I won't review them. Unless deserving.

Here are the books I am to read each month:

SeraphinaState of WonderBlueprints of the AfterlifeThe Snow ChildLiesl & PoLove Letters to the Dead
Eleanor & ParkThe Magician KingThe Vanishing ActJohn Saturnall's FeastShine Shine ShineThe Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

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