Childhood Dreams

Have I reached it? Have I found it? Perhaps it found me. I laugh in my sleeps. I fly once again. After so long. I just want to keep on sleeping so I can fly even more. Though the reason behind my midnight flights is my waking life. Which I must continue to live, because right now, it is wonderful.
If I must now pick my favorite time to be alive, it would be now. For now it’s all there is. And at 27, I finally feel my life is being built. That all my efforts are paying of. And all I dreamed when I was but 8 years old it’s beginning to unfold, unlike a dream, a prophesy.
Long ago I saw Randy Pausch’s last lecture. When I saw it, I was blown away and it made me wonder. Perhaps those childhood moments are the most important moments of our lives, defining what we will become, whether we remember it or not. And if any dreams are to become true, it is those of those pure days, when everything seemed possible. Even those dreams we long gave up on.
I crossed the ocean. I met the man of my dreams. I found a home far from home, in a cold land which becomes magically beautiful with snow. I had to learn a new strange language. I found a job where I can be me and be loved by it. Where I feel I belong, with amazing people who might become more than colleagues but amazing friends. I found a place to make people smile and meet others from all over the world. I can now focus on my job, my home and my stories.
Little did I knew that almost 20 years later I would have it all. I have it all.

she writes