Why buy coats in summer

or… when things you want find you when you least expect it.

or… when you know what you want.
At about a year ago I made a wish. The wish became stronger when winter was harsh during January, because I began to lose a lot of weight with my job. My coats were starting to look like old rugs on my small body. I hunted for one, resigned that I would have to save 300 euros to get one from a specialize outwear store. Specialize stores for me equals “you have to pay more for your weird body type”. The coat of my dreams was as follow:
  1. It has to be Navy Blue. Why? Because it is the perfect color for me. Not too dull like black or grey. Not too bright and neutral enough for me to wear any of my beautiful scarfs.
  2. It has to have a hood. I hate not being able to cover my eyeglasses or eyes from falling snow and bitter wind in winter.
  3. It has to be able to be fitted on my waist. I am small, and my waist is short, so it’s a pain to find things that have a proper waist length for my body. This is particularly difficult with dresses. But never had a problem because my mom would fix those things for me. Now I’m on my own, so I either fix them myself (hard to do if you spend 40 euros in a dress) or make them myself.
  4. It has to be half way down my upper leg. Because it makes me look longer but without making my bottom look puffy. Length, has to be really perfect or I’ll either look too short, or like some weird walking wanna-be model.
  5. It has to be fluffy inside, but soft fluffy, not itchy fluffy. Warm and toasty. No dead-dog collar please. (what is wrong with people?)
  6. Enough sleeve space for my arm movement and a sweater. Things get freezing here from time to time (aka: always)
  7. Thick enough to be warm but not to feel like I’m carrying 50 pounds on me.
  8. Nice, matte looking fabric, with enough water resistance. I wanted water proof, but those fabrics are just horrible. So anything half way is good.
  9. Makes me look grown up but casual and fun at the same time.
  10. Can be worn daily and to events because of color, fabric and shape neutrality.
  11. Bonus: under 80 euros. I mean bonus because my chances were to find it at over 200 with so many specifications.
So as you see, my specific wishes for a coat were a bit too specific to just find it. And I looked. I looked in every store I could. Summer is here. No need for coats. So I decided to save some money for winter to buy a new one.
And that’s when life decided to be kind. I got a mail from my new employer about uniform sizes. The shoes they are using I've never worn. So my task today was to go and try a pair to know the exact size in a shoe store. I did, I tried them, found the size and went in look for… socks. Which I forgot. In any case… while walking in search of  those socks a new, or maybe not, store caught my attention. Outwear, the word was big on front. Beautiful coats were being worn by lifeless dolls. And what was better, it was a women’s store, with non-stalking women, and the prices? Mostly under 100 euros. I went in, and saw it, in an instant.
That is the funny thing, when you search for something so long, you know what you want, so you enter, you see it, try it and pay. That’s how I shop. I saw it, I took immediately without even having to search my size. It tried it on, and it was it. Exactly what I wanted. And it was perfect and it only cost me 55 euros. And I even tried it with a sweater from the store just to be sure it was functional. And it was. And now it’s mine. And I didn’t look for it. It found me. That is basically how life really works. You just have to know what you want.
I still need to update on what has been going on and my new year (I’m 27 now) resolutions. :) But first a week in Barcelona. OLE!

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