Words of a Broken Heart

A Short Story
It should be clear what she said was not meant. Her heart was shattered and her mind of course would not work as proper as it should. But in the end she said the words she did not meant. She said them and left. Her broken heart was too unwell to speak properly on her behalf, but it wanted to be sure she could later apologize. Spoken words, however, cannot be unheard, much as broken promises are never forgotten. And this is how she lost her dreams. A broken heart speaking words as a drunken man in a canteen. Burning down bridges which with so much effort she built. But she knew, though she felt those words and she believed she meant them, she knew. The awareness of her mistake was ever present.
Her broken heart shattered dreams. It was not his fault, but hers and the bastard she blindly believed. She should have been stronger, she thought. She should have gone away and scream at the sea, perhaps. It would have been more convenient if she would have just ask and go directly to him. Slap his pitiful face, kick him making him knee and beg for her forgiveness. Yes, she should have planted a dying wish inside his rotten brain.
Instead, she screamed at the wrong man, in regard of all males. She knew he was not at fault, it was just a bad day. He, her closest victim. Recipient of sharp unthought-of words, cutting his pride in the process. Did he ever heard such words before? She wondered. Would he even understand if she dared apologize? Broken hearts speak broken words, like trying to drink from a broken glass. It will hurt you and whoever drinks from it. Her agonizing heart wished revenge. This cost her everything.

300 Words

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