The Catastrophic History of You and Me by Jess Rothenberg

A book review

My love: ♥♥♥♥○

Lovely story ♥

It took me a while to decide to read a book with such a long title, featuring the endless cliche covers of the beautiful girl on front. But, “don’t judge the book by it’s cover”, they say. So I judged it by the reviews. What made me read it was the constant: “WOW! That was unexpected!”comments. And my curiosity got the best of me. Even if at first the repetition of sounds like in children books were annoying me. But fortunately Jess cut them half way into the book.

I love this kind of afterlife stories. They are my favorite. I always cry when they narrate the goodbyes and I always cry in the end. I always love how they capture the essence of life’s natural cycles so beautifully instead of grim. Brie was turning 16 when she died of a broken heart. Literally. The heart broke in half, dead. She blamed her boyfriend… or ex? And she meets Patrick in the afterlife. Now, I did expected their story. I knew since the moment she mentioned her nightmare and his description of death what was their relationship. But I liked him. So I kept reading just because he was fun to read. I didn’t like her as much but she had my sympathies for being so human. Kudos Rothenberg. She was supposedly perfect, too perfect, with a flaw, impulsive. Which made her story run. If it wasn’t for that trait NOTHING would have happened if she just stopped and listened to the others. Which she learns at the end. I still didn’t liked the whole perfect athlete girl with perfect romance thing. Then again, some 16 year old do go through that stage and then BAM! Real life darling. Real life. She got her BAM after life though.

All in all, I am trying a lot not to spoil the story. The Jacob story, yes, it wasn’t a big shocker, but it was unexpected. I did, for a moment, wanted to slap Sadie and believed what was going on. Again, kudos Mrs. Rothenberg.

Jess’s ability to grab my attention , play with my mind and predictive abilities, and capturing the essence of true love and friendship, won her 4 stars. Which is why I am writing this. Anything bellow 4 stars I ignore. It would have been 5 if you mix this story with a beautiful writing style like “The Lovely Bone” (another afterlife story book). I’m not a fan of 1st persons… but it seems I have no choice there since it seems to be in fashion. I recommend this book if you believe in soul mates, afterlife and love.

May you always have love ♥

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