Lighting Strikes

There were thunders last night. I was awaken by one of them. Thunders and lighting are among my favorite things in nature. But honestly, what don't I love? The irony is, as much as I love them, my eyes are shut and my ears are covered whenever they strike. It is an automatic reaction, one my boyfriend makes fun of, specially with fireworks. My love for thunders is tainted by the need of survival. A survival bred long ago when thunders were anything but bright and beautiful, and instead were dark and deadly. An automatic reaction constantly reminding me of where I used to be. A reaction that would often follow the view of the ground, and then a look through the window.
But the, this memory is followed by a new reminder; I do not have to fear those thunders anymore. For the thunders here will always be bright, will always feel safe. I hope one day not to close my eyes as I try to admire their beauty.

she writes