An Interrupted Writer

I’ve been busy with work these days. Busy, as in, work and spend the rest of the time without work recovering from it to work again, thing. So my writing has been reduced, like a lot. The only writing I’ve done is journal for five minutes each day, on the iPad. And my beautiful fountain pen sit still in it’s little box waiting for me. Right now, as of these few lines, my fingers are already complaining. I’ve been learning proper ways to do my job, so my body ache is less, but still my hands are not safe from the work aches. Waking up at 3am to run to the bathroom for warm water because it won’t stop tingling and cramping, has become, in a matter of sense, a night routine. It’s mostly the whole arm, so I’m pretty sure I’m still in the safe zone away from Carpal Tunnel. but my writing is suffering because of it. At least journaling five minutes in the mornings keep me sane when it comes to not being able to do much about it.

The rest of my writing is save for my job applications. Hoping that I can soon leave this job for one that allows me to write more than clean. Who knows, hopefully it pays off. So my novel is, yes, on hold for a unknown time. I miss my characters a lot. And I had dreams for more. Can I have a new job already to do what I love?

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