2013 Busy Start

Boy oh boy. Time goes fast. I meant to write a New Year’s entry about... two weeks ago? Sure.
But the entry was delayed by work, by sleepiness, by journals, by games, by pure and plain lazy procrastination. Isn’t that a good start of the year?
But that is done. My brain’s vacations are over. Now I am back on track. It’s time to continue my writing, my Dutch lessons and what not. As well as keep applying for any job opening I would manage. I do have a job, but it’s unkind to my hands and back. I do plan on reaching 120 years old. And this job is not the way. My goal this year, other than finishing my novel, is to get a job in any sector involving books or writing. But mainly books, as I doubt I get any writing position without a journaling degree. So yes, books. For now, I sip my tea and learn my words, write others and read others.
I am currently reading “The Age of Miracles.” It was a good thing I read the reviews before reading it. The words are beautiful, but the science does fail. I am liking it because of the narration and the characters. For science I am trying to imagine it’s just an alternate Earth where things do go that way. Anything goes in fiction, right? I will comment more about why when I finish it and do an actual review.
As for Deity by Jennifer L. Armentrout, I just have to say: if you love well developed characters, READ IT! I loved it. Every book I love more. And I am looking forward to the next one like a crazy teenage girl in the 90’s waiting for a Backstreet Boy’s concert. The only reason I won’t review it, it’s because the only thing I have to say is, “awesome.” For lengthy reviews go to goodreads.
So there, not much else to say. The rest is busy boring things. I just figured I checked in here for a few minutes.

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