Semi Blog-Pause

My days are busy with work, and if I’m not working I’m writing, if not, resting my hand. Because yea, it seems my job is starting to show on it. I might post a weekly update from the novel but that’s about it. I am learning a lot on sentence construction from many sources and it’s turning out to be more fun than just spitting words on paper… screen… yea.

Hurray for snow!

Luminescent Update:

Began re-writing chapter 1. Now I’m  showing my main’s character past instead of talking it hurried through the first chapter. Also changed to multiple POV taking Ender’s Games and A Storm of Swords as examples of good ways to do it, which is making my characters more alive than they were before. I love them more than a year ago.
Right now I’m at 2,055 words. Writing slower because of hand aches and work, but hopping I’m done by February.

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