Luminescent Update

Finished chapter 2 re-write. And now using pretty colors before I edit the first two chapters. Seeing how holidays began, I won’t be writing. But if bored, I’ll just take a sentence at a time. What you see, in pastel colors, pink is dialog and green is action. Yellow is exposition or anything that don’t apply to what it’s going on but past, thoughts, explanations, etc.. Bright blue are character’s description. The blue marks are stuff I’ve re-written when I was coloring. But you get the picture. All thanks to Katytastic’s tips in her v-blog. Kudos and thanks!
The re-write is going slower than planned. But is not due to the lack of ideas. Mostly because now I need to really write it carefully and not just storm at it like in NaNoWriMo 2011. Since I already know what happens, I have no need to rush in words just to figure it out. Now is like passing a sketch into a canvas that I am now working on carefully and beautifully. I can’t wait until March! (My goal date to have it completed and revised.) Isn’t my baby pretty? And yes, Liquid Story Binder has stolen my heart… or mind… whatever. Yay writing!

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