At the End of the World

Little did I noticed this morning today’s date. December 20th. It means tomorrow the world will end. After two days of non stop pain in my arm, I woke up feeling better. Ready to take the day. I took the bus and went to work. Then I have to come back. They forgot to call me about the fact that my holidays began last Sunday. Which in a way sucks because it means I have less working hours than the last pay check. So I took the bus again, got scolded by the driver (which I am not sure if it was honest scolding as he would to any grown person or if it was just because I looked like a 16 y/o with my mp3, phone and pink scarf), and came back home. And I saw it, tomorrow is December 21st, 2012, the end of the world. But let’s be serious. If the world was to end, we would all be dead by now because of many catastrophes.

The day the world actually ends, we won’t be here to see it, so chill. In any case, I still think, being such a famous date for decades now, it should still be commemorated as “The Day the World Almost End’. Or better yet, “The Day the World Began”. Because let’s admit it. A decade ago we couldn’t even imagine where we are now. Our connections to each other, our fights and journeys as a human planet. Sure there are places still in conflict. But there are places that are reaching for better things. And there are those who just began a long process to reach those better things. Just like some of us already did, they just began their fight and we must cheer. Cheer for a world that celebrates unity and respect, understanding and love, passion and the will to live.

Everything is truly a process, there are no beginning dates, nor ending dates. Everything is constant. Life is not a line, is a circle that turns and turns like everything else in the Universe. A cycle. If the Mayans did ended  the calendar on purpose in that date (if that even is the correct date), they didn’t mean it would just all stop. The calendar, is a circle, and like everything, a cycle. The calendar don’t stop, it resets and counts again.

The only thing we should be weary about, are those people with mental problems, who might be obsessed with such dates, and use them to create an unwanted faith. But that, is not God’s or Life’s doing, nor is it a sign of the Apocalypses. It is but a person and his or her free choice. Nothing more and nothing less. If war breaks, it’s but a choice of men in positions to do so, it’s not a wrath of God or anyone. If an earthquake happens, it’s but something constantly expected from Earth. If there is a mass murder, is only but the choice of an unstable person. As no stable person harm others for the fun of it. I do not believe in pure evil, or pure good. I believe in intention, choices and goals. I believe we can be wrong about them and make mistakes, big mistakes are still mistakes. I do believe in love, and how powerful it can be. It is not good nor bad. It it’s but a powerful intention to give the best for those you choose to, a goal to share this intention with them. And sometimes, these goals and intention lead to tragic endings. Love is not at fault. God is not at fault. Life is anything but at fault. We create our lives, our world, our gods. We choose what to give and what to take. We choose when the world end and when it begins. So let’s change tomorrow’s day. Instead of calling it “The End of the World”, let’s call it, “The Re-Start”.

my favorite Apocalyptic song: Lenka: The End of the World

she writes