NaNoWriMo Day 8 : When life interrupts NaNoWriMo

Yesterday my NaNoWriMo was interrupted with wonderful news about my recently acquired work. Today I went on hunting for proper shoes for it and a bag. Since well, I don’t fancy riding the bus with recycle bags for months. So I acquired one that is proper and with hope, last me a long time (for once is not a cheap recycled one as I always buy). This journey took also time from my writing. But I did managed to write 1760 words. Which is nowhere close to what I wanted (2500) but it still has me on schedule. This time for November 25th. The time I couldn’t write I spent it between my Dutch homework and the outline organization (See image). I’m in love with AllMyNotes, it really does what it says ALL my notes. I organized my whole story there now along with my journal, which is password protected, while the novel isn’t. I just adore it! It’s so light and simple and yet it has all I need for organizing. I’m happy and tomorrow I’ll try to write more than today. No shopping time for me!

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