I've always had a reasonable speed typing. My first hands on a computer was at 2nd grade as a reward for finishing my work soon. Back then it wasn't Microsoft word but… I think…. I believe…. I forgot. An old program. My sister got this weird computer after a few years, it was the one that worked with the green screen and letters. I attempted so much to write stories on that thing. I kind of miss it but thankfully we have now writing software that emulates that. When I began NaNoWriMo last year my word count was at 1,000 per hour, a slight short 500 every 30 minutes. It later rose to 500 every fifteen minutes and today it’s at 650 – 700. Which is great! Because at the time scheduled for NanoWriMo (1 hour) I can write 600 words more! According to NaNo, at this current rate I will finish by November 19th. The story is flowing, the scenes going longer than I expected. And I’m staying true to my storyteller. When I lack inspiration, I read to get back into the story mind set and my mind just begins to run like a weird machine reading a story even if all I’m doing is doing the dishes. Good sign, right? Oh, and the setting is developing better than I hoped, I thought I sucked at coming up with it. In a way I do, I hate describing useless details. But the world building is turning out to be so much fun!

Words today: 2,655

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