NaNoWriMo Day 4 : I just shot my inner editor

Yup, one of the biggest accomplishments when doing NaNoWriMo, is not reaching 50,000 words in a month, or even a week, heck, a day, NO. The biggest accomplishment is shutting up that inner bastard editor who don’t know a thing. And really, it doesn’t. No matter how much you use it, no matter how much you fix, you will always find a mistake somewhere. So yea, I manage to shut it up, I killed it, drown it in the depts. Because it needs a vacation after attempting to edit Luminescent. Just to find later many more things to fix. So it does need a vacation. At my 10,000 milestone I did it, I conquered it and kill it… ok, maybe just a coma since I will need him back in a while.
Words today: 2,215

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