NaNoWriMo Day 3 : Bob

Today was not as productive as I would have wished. I wasted a lot of time just random surfing the Internet. I really lacked inspiration to write, read and whatever. I did found an awesome documentary on cells.  But in NaNo manners. I loved the Pep talk of day two. About how Kate DiCamillo (google her) used the disbelief of the man working at the library she worked at to keep writing. Just because she wanted to prove him wrong. I always thought those who don't believe in us make us stronger than those who do. And I do know many who don't believe in me and writing. I do know they believe in me in many other ways. But writing, those who know me since childhood must be thinking "what took so long?", those who know me in a shorter amount of time must be like, "oh here she goes again." But none of them know, how many fears have I conquered since I began to write. How many times I had to kick myself about the fact that practice makes perfect and I only have to keep trying. How many books I've actually been trying to write but I stop them out of fear or disbelief in myself. But yes, a year ago I gave up on that, and I decided to try. This is why I'm working on my novel plus now a new one. I might have to rewrite Luminescent almost entirely. But I am using nano to take a break from it and think about the changes to come. I am beginning to accept that it won't be perfect until it is. And until then, I have to keep trying.

 The reason I keep trying, is because of Bob, always making fun of me, always making me want to give up and focus on a "normal" life. To Bob who always makes me want to prove him wrong, even if that Bob is only but myself.

Words today: 2,610

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