NaNoWriMo Day 2 : A POV Battle

I make characters, I write about their lives, their actions and their reactions.
I tell their stories. I am not the character. I am a storyteller.
This has been bugging me the whole day. One of the critics I got from Luminescent was the POV. That maybe first person would be better to connect to the character. And perhaps she is correct. Perhaps that’s how it should be in that case where most of the scenes only involve my main character and  another. But in this case, for NaNoWriMo’s Lazurite (Name of my current project), it didn’t made sense. I just couldn’t go around at keeping one POV. It was blocking me, making me frustrated at what I was typing. And then it hit me, I am NOT the character. Why should I be forced by mainstream publishing to write from their POV? I am not the character, I created it! I am the storyteller, I tell their stories, not mine. I’m not an actor pretending to be this character. This is the reason I think the whole limited POV failed for me. And even though the first 2.5K words are in a limited third person perspective, I decided to go ahead and try omniscient. Why not? Who says I shouldn’t? Who says 1st POV is better than the others? If the best stories I’ve ever read are all but Omniscient POV’s? I don’t get this. I know first person views are popular nowadays in YA fiction. But, whatever happened to the good old storytelling? That kind of writing made me fall in love with reading. So I decided, I will learn to perfect the Omniscient POV. Even if it takes me years. I want to prove that it has value. We are in the independent writing era, we shouldn't be afraid of trying new things just because old publishers told us it won’t sale because the other thing is what’s “HOT”.
And that’s that for my NaNoWriMo Day #2 reflection.

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