NaNoWriMo 45K & Luminescent Updates

I was off today. I made my almost 45,000 words, minus 250 or so. Which I still take as accomplishment, mind you. Tomorrow I aim to write 2500 words and 2500 more in Wednesday. And so, I will be done with Nanowrimo 2012! Not that the novel is anywhere near finish. Last year I was done by 45,000 words and didn't won. And this time I’m not even half way there. Blame all those lovely imaginary people who suddenly took life of their own. As a reward for Nanowrimo and doing half of my Dutch homework, I allowed myself finally to start outlining the rewrite of Luminescent. I will be shortening some things and adding others. So far I’m doing a quick rough outline. The typed paper behind the notebook is the actual first manuscript printed for revision. After the rough outline I am going to take chapter by chapter and scene by scene in detailed outline. Something I just concluded I can only do on a final draft revision and rewriting. As usually, first and second drafts do whatever they want on their own. Such is life and imagination.
As for this year’s Nano-novel, I am planning on working with it somewhere next year as a series of novellas in the world I created. The world in Luminescent is kind of correlated with the Selkya Project, but in a different time frame. I’m exited about it. And I know I will enjoy it a lot! But for now, I need to focus. First to finish NaNoWriMo (pride reasons). Then to continue editing Luminescent and hopefully be done by February 2013. Where it will get a strict grammar and sentence construction revision (for which I am studying ardently with library books –Ha! I used ‘ardently’!- ). My goal is to have it up and running my May 24, 2013, my first year anniversary of my new life in The Netherlands.

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