NaNoWriMo 2012: Day 1

I actually had long long loving active dreams. With drama and adventure and all that mess. Which of course woke me up inspired for NaNoWriMo! Finally!
I had to wait of course. I will not skip my waking up minutes to rush into anything. First coffee, then boyfriend, then tea. And finally NaNoTime!
It went better than expected. My word count per hour hasn’t gone above 2000 words yet but it’s still enough to go through NaNo daily. My characters behaved wonderful in their own way. I’m glad I did those character sheets. Although one character sneaked in. And now I have to work on her arc since I’m using partly her POV along with the other two main characters. I wonder how that will work out really. She wasn’t in the picture in a whole year and as soon as I began typing, *poof* “Here I am!”. I do like her, but she just made my story complicated in some ways. I have to keep updating the outline before a section so I won’t get lost. But so far it’s going great. I finished with 3435 words out of the 2000 goal and 1600 minimum. Now some knitting rest and TV. I need to get my eyes off this monitor. I will need new eyeglasses soon.
By the way, although I was using OmmWriter. I just found this little jewel and fell in love at first click.

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