My Kimchee Experiment part 1

After watching Korean dramas and countless of characters eating this in about 75% of episodes in 12 years and counting… I finally decided to try it, Kimchee, Korean’s national dish and one of the healthiest mega foods.
When making it, my nose was burning, but I was determined to try.
I boiled some rice and warmed the kimchee (not cooked) in order to eat (I hate cold food, it makes my teeth hurt).

Here is my experiment:

First spoon of rice with a bit of kimchee; too much sugar for my taste, try next time with less sugar. Spiciness was to die for. Flavor, one of those weird at first but can get used to it and love it later. Smell... nothing I recognize.
Second spoon of rice with a lot of it; weird flavor, again, too sugary. I’m thinking whether I’ll get sick from it. I’m hoping I like it after a few spoons because there is a lot left in the fridge.
Third spoon; I realize it is the shrimp flavor I’m not enjoying.
Fourth spoon: I gave up. I hated the shrimp taste which was slowly making me want to puke.


Flavor: I’ll try some other time with my own balance of flavors; less sugar and 0 shrimp flavor.
Texture: Perfect actually, soft and yet palpable.
Spiciness: oh heavenly pain from a thousand thunders in my mouth! As spicy, if not more, than Thai Curry (my favorite spicy dish so far).
Smell: I can learn…
Verdict: I dislike overuse of shrimp and sugar in food.

Thoughts some time after eating it:

It was definitely the sugar I was finding weird.
I really dislike sugar in food unless is very moderate.
Next time I'll make it without sugar.

The reason is titled part 1 is because I am definitely going to try again. I can’t possibly belong to the 10% that dislike kimchee. Not after all those years being mouth watered by almost every single Korean drama episode since I was 16. It would feel as if all those years had no meaning! *over dramatizing*

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