Traveling Journal

Travel journals are very fun, especially if you are a backpacker, someone who works with traveling companies or just someone with wanderlust. They came be simple notebooks you carry around, complex leather bounds or even just an ipad and a blog. That’s the beauty of today’s technology. You can share all you see during your travels with one click. For those traveling using twitter or such social media websites, they become a journal they go back to and remember through images they just take and share.

Prompt: Travel
I just looked carefully at the prompts I have to do this week for my challenge. I realized I am able to use them all to talk about journaling. So today’s prompt being “travel” I decided to write about that, travel journals. These entries of course will be shorter than the previous one.
But an actual journal with words, take some time. If you are constantly traveling, this serves as a great hobby to kill waiting time for planes or trains. I haven’t kept real travel journals as I basically do so inside my daily ones. I like keeping all in place. But if your journaling goal is to record your adventures, a journal exclusively for it would be best. You can write as detailed as you want, I prefer to write like writing a story. Remembering every single detail I can. Also you can just write some clue words around pictures or tickets to just trigger your memory when you go back at it. You can also just set to pictures and things you collect; this would be more of a mashbook traveling journal but equally as fun.
The point of travel journal is just fun and for memory sake. Kind of like a photo album but them with more details in it than just pictures. I even add flowers and coins, or such things that can be put inside a book. Who knows, you might be a source of history for future historians.

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