The tree who embraced the moon

The hardest part of a relationship is accepting when they don't work yet aiming for them to work with an open mind and heart. You learn to accept that perfect relationships don't exist, that perfect couples who just click are one of those movie things you learn from too much TV. And you realize and accept that a relationship requires work, that a relationship is a lot of work, a lot of responsibility just like a child or a pet, you need to work for it, nurture it, take care of it, appreciate it, love it; and this will never stop no matter how long you’ve been together because the only certain thing in the world is that nothing is certain, not even people because people change. No matter how much you work on a relationship someone can change and it just won't matter the efforts, but in a way it does. So you try.

There is always the hope and the wait. You wait for him to accept you. You wait for him to decide to do something about it. You decide to stop waiting and do something yourself to make it work, because again, a relationship is team work. Once he did his part you did yours by taking all the braveness you could find even if you had to dig under a dark stormy sky in winters.
But you eventually find that courage, and you cross the world not really sure if it's going to work, but entirely certain it is the best decision you could have ever done in your life. And you laugh, and you cry, you feel warm and cold, you feel lonely and loved, you fell all the things you couldn't have ever expected to feel if you have chosen not to take the feared path towards that mysterious moonlight forest.

Then, a storm, and a big one at that, and your heart is shattered on the ground like flakes about to fade in a cold stormy night. With childish sobs you pick them up and slowly you try to fix it, your heart that is. And you can't, and you keep trying, even if it seems impossible you just hold on to that bit of grass rising above the empty hot dessert. Maybe just like it, a piece of your heart survives and grows again, a new heart. And you cheer for it in secret, and you hope for at least a flower in what once was a big magical forest. And while you fall asleep waiting, your heart slowly breathing with what strength it has left, because the heart will always have some strength left even if the mind dies, the grass keeps growing, and its suddenly not grass anymore.

You rub your eyes and admire the small tree growing beside you, shading you from the harshness of the sun. And the tree grows and grows and the tree reaches out to the moon. And the moon shines over the tree in response, whispering somehow, that is ok to reach out. Like a child, you stare are their brief romance, one that could only be seen at night, for through the day the tree was alone with the sun. But the tree protected you and your heart as it healed. And through the nights he grew bit by bit.

And the tree reached out to the sky, and somehow, by one of those rare magical moments you can't really explain, as some things you just have to enjoy without questioning, the tree, reached and touched the moon. After years of trying, the tree reached the moon and a forest surrounded you. A giant tree embracing the lovely mysterious moon. And you climb, and you climb, and you rest on its giant branches and you climb, slipping and cutting yourself here and there, but you still climb. You climb for so long always wondering why the moon won't come down to you. And as you climb you feel its shining light over your arms, the moon calls you, quietly, in an uncertain way the moon calls for you. And finally, after years of trying, years of climbing, falling down and climbing again, you reached the moon. And there you are safe, and there you are home.

Once upon a time a tree fell down and it grew again, but this time it became a giant, and you were allowed to stay.

A new chapter begins again.


(this entry won't be translated due to it's length)

she writes