The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

A book review

My love: ♥♥♥♥○ 

The reason I wanted to read this book is because I'm an avid journalist, in the most write-my-own-personal-journals-diligently-for-over-ten-years way. As soon as I saw a book about a magical journal I had to read it. Luckily for me the library here had it, pocket size! So I carried it around for a week in my pocket literally, reading it every chance I could get. I have to plead guilty that I skipped a few pages because well... I hate overly descriptive scenes. But the book had only about 2 of those as time connectors, which is understandable and acceptable, I just don't like reading those.

The first thing I thought when I started the book was "oh great, another was-a-princess teenager girl with an attitude as the main character." Honestly, a lot of books are trying to stay away from sweet naive girl heroines cliches and falling into just another cliche. But even though I beginning to notice these cliche, Tamara was a well written character. The story elements were nice and the family drama was entangling and exiting.

However there were a few things that didn’t clicked on me. For once, I thought the book would be about the journal, while the journal served only as a preview of what was going to happen. More like what could happen even though Tamara decided to do otherwise. So you got a few versions of the story in one. Secondly, what was up with that weird random sex thing? Maybe Cecilia wanted to show how vulnerable and hormonal Tamara was, like a normal teenager. But in the end, other than that, it didn’t really contributed to the story.

Unless the sex between her and Marcus eventually do mean something on a second book. Which takes me to point three, the book gets buried, alas, breaking a “destroy-it-because-we-don’t-need-this-power” cliche. But we never know where it comes from, or why did it claimed Tamara as its owner. We never know anything about it except that it writes the future in first person. So it makes me hope a second book comes along, one that give some sense to Marcus scene and the book, and why he had it but never saw it. What if his father knows about it and search for it but can’t find it? What if Marcus goes find Tamara after cooling down his anger over her lies, or lack of honesty? What if when he does she is with a relationship with the boy whom I’ve forgotten the name? My bet is a second book would mean another cliche, “which boy to pick”, and some nice action instead of drama about people who want to get their hands on the journal.

As recap, I enjoyed the book, I enjoyed the mystery behind Rosaline and Jenifer. But I didn’t enjoy the lack of mystery behind the journal, I didn’t enjoyed the fact that she just randomly had sex to free her frustration and contributed nothing to the plot except for a few grounded weeks which I somehow skipped by reading over it. I recommend it, but don’t except much about the mysterious book of tomorrow, and more about the mysterious past of Tamara. Maybe there lies its irony, maybe that is what Cecilia aimed at in the end.

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