I Love the Night

I am reading this book on Astral Projection, by Oliver Fox, from 1938. And this excerpt is my favorite description yet, which shows perfectly how I look forward every day towards every night.
"Though not indifferent to the charms of Day, her dark sister Night was dearer far to me. Day's appeal was more a surface stimulation of the five senses; but Night pierced deep and reached perhaps a sixth. I was enthralled by the moon and the stars and the mystery of that mighty dome. Sometimes in the winter this longing for Night would triumph over my love of comfort. In obedience to her strange call I felt impelled to leave the cozy fire and my stamps, and ramble over the lonely common beneath the wondrous stars. And sometimes I would mount a ladder, reared against the old Roman wall which bounded one side of our garden, and sit half-frozen, gazing at the splendid moon. Yes, I loved Night,and was she not queen of that enchanted place the Kingdom of Dreams?"

From: Astral Projection by Oliver Fox

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