EARTH, our real mother


Is Earth Day. And what other beautiful day to celebrate life! I mean, even if you are christian or whatever and think God is over Earth, you have to at least admit that Earth is pretty awesome and deserve some respect if not most. As without all it's gifts we wouldn't be here. I am of those who believe Earth is alive, and yes, just like any human being, she deserves a capital letter on her name. I do believe Earth is a being who carries us through life, offering us the best she can. Who cries when we forsake her and angers when we misbehave. She is alive, she is the most magnificent being we have the pleasure to know yet in waking life. She breaths, she eats, she speaks her own language, she gives birth and she deserves the same respect any human and living being deserves. In fact, she deserves it the most.

Today, here, Earth is giving us some splash of fresh rain. So no sunny Sunday to run around, but the sound of the rain falling loud. Which I love just as much as the sun on my skin. Did you know that some countries posses official treaties stating Earth's rights? I like this idea, but what I don't like is the need we feel to have to set in paper something that must be common sense for us. That so many ignore this unless is it officially written. How some don't care about how they harm their world unless a paper state to them it is forbidden. It is a bit bothering. But I guess it is also a sort of voice towards the rest of the world, to create consciousness. Among those rights, everyone should know by heart, even if they follow the law or not, because they should be innate, here are some I like:
  • the right to maintain the integrity of life and natural processes
  • the right to not have cellular structure modified or genetically altered
  • the right to continue vital cycles and processes free from human alteration
  • the right to pure water
  • the right to clean air
  • the right to balance, to be at equilibrium
  • the right to be free of toxic and radioactive pollution
  • the right to not be affected by mega-infrastructure and development projects that affect the balance of ecosystems and the local inhabitant communities
I was trying to find more from when I read an article back in 2009 but it seems to be lost in time. In any case, Hurray for Mother Earth! And may she bless you with a bountiful life of joy! 

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