Dreams are my Reality

Every time I close my eyes, my mind opens to endless adventures and opportunities. Life in dreams is much richer than waking life. Life in dreams is bright, endless and wonderfully fun. Every day I look forward to going to sleep, awaiting my next adventure, my next meaningful dream. My decisions, my hopes, my love, my spirit, are all fueled by my dreams. My one source of guidance and inspiration. My dreams who speak to me, in symbols, songs, paintings and nightmares. They give me courage, they give me hope and strength. They make me feel safe, that somehow, beyond this waking life full of organized chaos and challenges, there is a world where our spirits go to rest and we swim in a fresh new river we create.

I believe in dreams. I believe dreams are as real as you and me. I believe we never really sleep. Seldom the times our minds are too tired to even dream. In our dreams we play out possible futures. In our dreams we create possible problems and solutions, we prepare to react. In our dreams we find answers we seek, solutions that elude us, and inspiration we can't find in waking life. In our dreams we become more than humans, more than a shell with cells and electrons. We become this unique conscious manifestation exploring endless realms and realities.

 I believe in dreams. I believe I meet people in dreams and connect. It was a hug in a dream that led me to where I am. It was a thousand animals from forests and jungles singing over a falling building and a growing tree that gave me the strength and confidence I needed to be where I am, to be with who I am. It were those voices and speeches on love up in heaven during night that made me believe love is worth finding, true love, worth understanding. That it goes beyond the human heart, the human mind, that it goes as far as a soul connected somewhere else and it never stop.

A dream where I felt helpless and woken up to two beautiful big golden figures calming me with their warmth light, teaching me to pray and believe. It were many dreams where I learned to fly, falling at first, and a few nights later learning to master flight. Where I felt the true feeling of flying, free, across vast forest and wonderful colorful skies. A dream where my grandmother told me, I was just like her, and I should never stop believing in who I am, a few days after she died. It was when thousands died that I dreamed about big waves and endless seas, a week before it happened.

When I dreamed that night, after loosing hope, of a date that turned out true, I regained hope. I have dreams of rainbow stones, more beautiful that any that could ever exist in this realm. Of beautiful pink crystals growing like flowers all around the floors. In dreams I swim and play with dolphins even though I am still learning to not fear water in dreams. I meet unicorns dancing among island just being born, filled with amazement to the beauty I can see. I see angels, I see aliens, I see stars up close, planets and spaceships; I dance with monkeys, I play with giant legos, I eat wonderful meals and visit the most beautiful temples. I have seen the afterlife, and been denied a pass because it's not my time. Been bathed in a beautiful warm spring by fairies with long green arms. I've seen golden rain, and beautiful magical rivers with colorful birds. I've own a thousand houses with thousand of rooms, some wonderful, some horribly hunted, all incredibly rich and making me increasingly curious about another.

I still have to see a beautiful dream garden, I still have to see the bottom of the ocean without being afraid. I also still need to be able to do as I please and not be forced to follow. But I conquered my nightmares, I have found answers I seek, inspiration I needed and hope I wanted. I met my love. I met beautiful beings from above. I owned a beautiful red dress and long brown curls. I have lived all I want. In my dreams, I have it all, I need nothing at all.

When I close my eyes, my world become much more than just a walking dream. More than just eat, work and sleep. More than just following social rules that sometimes don't even make sense. When I close my eyes, I find who I really am, standing on the middle of the street, with a bright blue coat, and a golden light around my hands.

Dreams are my reality...

she writes