Scars of Courage

I recently read an article in Angel Hack Life about things learned while traveling. But one of the points got my attention, "your scars are a symbol of your growth". I always hold this true and in a way is why I have never been really afraid of getting hurt, in any way. People always wondered how did I dare do things most are afraid to do. I just answered I wasn't, which is true. Anxious? Nervous? Yes. Afraid? Not really. Seldom some moments of normal fear we all have. In the end, when I feared something, I wonder why I fear it and either fix it or just do it conquering my fear. Even when I would get hurt, I would feel proud in the end of my accomplishment, even if failed. The funny thing is, the more I feared it, the more I wanted it. Like the first time I ventured on my own to cross the ocean. Or the time I decided to win the heart of the man I know love with all my soul. I was afraid, terrified of both, and this exactly was what drove me to make my choices. I knew that if none worked, in the end, I would heal, and I would carry the scars that would remind me that I dared live, that I dare conquer, that I dare try and not just sit wondering 'what if'.

With these I have a weird quirk. I am not afraid of physical scars as well. For me, they mark a memory. Like having a scrapbook of scars around my body. I remember each one of them clearly. My light 2cm long scar over my left eye reminds me to always look where I'm running to, I might as well loose an eye. I remember how I got it when I was about 7 in clear details. My first burned with an iron when I was around 11. A long, now darken, mark on my right arm from my first real best friend when I was doing her hair with an iron also. My first time camping with my first vacations with my boyfriend in Europe, right on the middle of my right hand. And now, in a crazy way, I know I will be getting some burns from my current work, and in a way I hope to get at least one scar for the collection. Does that sound crazy? I know some scars people would like to be better off without them. If I would have a big scar on my face I would like it gone, but maybe I would ask for a small leftover from it just as a reminder that I survived. That I should be grateful that I am alive. I know some scars are so painful people would loose their lives to get them away. But in a way, no matter how bad a scar is, if you love yourself enough, if you love life enough, you won't let it stop you, if any, you would use it to make you stronger. I believe that any scar can be heal.

I am not afraid of scars, if any, I am proud of them, they always remind me not to be afraid to live and do things the way you want. They remind me that no matter how badly wounded, you always heal. That no matter how long ago it was, you lived and survived. That you took a chance. That life is a fun adventure and one should not be afraid of living it. There is always a place to start if you need to. Always new skin to keep protecting you.

Which scar are you mostly proud of?

she writes