Rooftop Prince Adorableness Overload


I am a Korean Drama fan, for about... 8 years now I believe. Well, I only have a few real favorites, among them My Girl, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and 49 Days. But I think this one will make the list, mainly because of the adorable naive cast. I laughed so much with this second episode! The writers did such a great job with the plot I can't wait for the next episode!


I kept feeling sorry for them in a funny way. It was like seeing small kids getting into trouble over and over again and being helpless. I began watching because of the time travel theme (and Micky and Lee Min Ho who captured my heart with Moon Embracing the Sun ♥!) But yes, back to time travel. That is why I watch korean dramas the most, the plots are very diverse. Is not always just about girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, break each other's hearts, and they live happily ever after. The plot, although surrounding romance, is deeper, and I love it. For example with My Girl, the theme was lying and it's consequences; with this one I guess it was to do a lot with reincarnation and unjustified jealousy. Specially the last one considering why the travel in time took place.


I also want to watch the other new kdrama, The King 2Hearts, supposedly also comedy. :) But that will have to wait. Now is time for some deeper things, some reading, nap and then work.

PS: The whole episode I was "EEEEEKKKKKKK NEED TO HUG THEM!" :P


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