Can I have a bit of earth?

Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico
"Just living is not enough," said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower." - Hans Christian Anderson

I have always thought that gardens are a magical place. Ever since I saw The Secret Garden when I was 8 years old, I wanted a garden of my own. A place to breath the lovely fragrance of the flowers. Flowers which grew bright and big with love and care. Plenty of colors over a patch of green. Making them grow into specific shapes and creating wonderful landscapes. A place where I would have coffee and write on my journal, have breakfast and sunny lunch. A place to invite my guests to. A place that glows with it's own energy.

My first flower was a sunflower. It grew in a corner of the house that had some soil back in the states. It was twice as tall as I was and I still remember, even if I was 4, how high it was compared to me. My tilted head gazing in awe towards the big shining yellow petals. The sun probably shone behind me because the sunflower was facing that way. And then we moved.

My second garden-try was when I was 11, back in my father's city. The house was two floors, and the yard grew upwards towards the top floor. Basically the house was on a sort of hill. On the lower floor on front, stood a patch of soil high above the wall. Perfectly uninterrupted and empty. There I grew more sunflowers. These were unexpectedly small. Dwarfs flowers I believe my dad said. I was in a way disappoint because the memory I had of sunflowers and what I saw in pictures, were tall flower giants. But still I watered them everyday and spent my afternoons there. Until one day I fell down because I was using some slippery shoes my grandmother gave me. I hit my leg so bad, I didn't wanted to go up there anymore, and the sunflowers died. Back then, the sunflowers were my friends, as I was new and didn't really knew anyone yet.

Mary: Can I have a bit of earth? 
Lord Craven: A bit of earth? 
Mary: To plant seeds in. To make things grow.
-The Secret Garden

But even though a lot of years have passed away, I still daydream about a magical place where sunflowers always shine under a dusky sky. Where as I walk, I am embraced by the energy and live of these bright giants, as tall as me. And even though I wont really have an infinite wide field of sunflower for my own. It is still my dream to visit them and take plenty of pictures with them, as my old good first friends.

And one day, when I don't have to move anymore. When I don't need to abandon my garden halfway. I will be having wonderful giant sunflowers in summer. I will be having heather, lavenders and poppies, because I love them all. And maybe a few others I don't really know yet, because I don't know all the flower names. I just love all the flowers really. I love jacaranda trees and wisterias too. And one day I will finally have my magical garden, a job that allows me to spend time in it, a family to which to spend time in it with, and a house with a beautiful space to create it all. The garden would become, my sacred place, like I've always wanted to. But due to my life of moving around I haven't been able to.

Can I have a bit of earth?

she writes