Blogging like it should be blogged

42995371412317888_gTM5rh5h_cThe reason I am back to using blogger is because I don’t think I will keep paying for my hosting. Also I miss the old style blogging. Where one didn’t really care about sticking to a subject. Where one was just whoever they wanted to be.  I used to just write whatever I felt like expressing myself about. Somewhere along the years I began to fear what I said and what I didn’t. I began to cut down on expressing any negativity or judgment. In a way I still do. But now I just wish to express myself publicly and share some thing with people who either care or don’t. All I know is that years ago, just like this, I gained one of my best friends.  And so I will be back to my old self when it comes to blogging. Blogging for real became more of an assignment where you have to do it right or not at all. But I miss the randomness. And so I will go back to the old ways again. The way blogging should be. Not just plain article writing, but sharing. That was what blogs were about in the beginning.

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