Wits and Wine

Today’s prompt from Sunday Scribbling is Wit, combined with grace. And with Toasted Cheese we have: Wine is bottled poetry. So I decided to combine all the elements. Wine encircled with poetry about no wits and some from grace of a true wine drinker. To which, I rather have grape juice, no sugar added. Sounds like a yummy word recipe. Enjoy!

My wits on wine are closer to none.
I learned to drink late in spring,
and during winter time I tried champagne.
I loved it, more than the wine.
And yet I still wonder why do people
Consider it such a delight.
My delight is found in common drinks
with grapes and some ice.
Nothing fermented, or the likes.
But I guess you need some grace
To enjoy a worthy wine
And wits and cups
won’t help you at all.
it’s a great ingredient from chicken stew.

she writes