These are two writing prompts in one. I decided I should do these whenever I didn’t feel like working on my book; for both practice and inspiration. I’ve always had a thing for extra short stories. Bellow the story are the two links of the prompts I used.


The sky was turning black. The soil burned up fast. His shoes glued to the pavement as the heat rose with a violent statement. As he stretched his head towards the sky, his heart sank, his eyes expanded, awaiting, drenched in anxiety. The floor rumbled. The clouds screamed. His fearful voice echoed through the airless winds. And with a moment in sight, -a moment which seemed to last longer than just a sigh- humanity was put to rest. Fireworks danced in the darkest of human’s nights. The ghostly echoes of those who wanted to fight scattered around the hollow moon. And yet, his heart was beating and the sun still blinking.
He was drenched in anxiety. : Prompt Calendar

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