A milestone journey completed

Or did it just begin? Last night, ignoring my backache, and other rear end aches, I finished my first draft ever. Up to the last word. And as I wrote that last word, my heart fluttered in accomplishment. After years, of trying and writing, and writing, and never finishing, I finally did it! That feeling of closure and accomplishment was so strong I barely slept. In fact, I should go back and nap soon. My brain is still recovering. But well, the story is not done yet of course. It’s at 51,300 words exactly. And with a  lot more needed to be written here and there. Plus fixes and more character depth. I have a lot of notes of what I need to fix here and there. But like I said, my brain is totally fused. My creativity on a well deserved rest. I compiled the draft into a small pdf with enough space for notes to revise on my tablet. Hoping I don’t need to spend in printing the pages out.

During this month, or just half of it probably. I will be correcting page by page. Adding and breaking. It is after all, a second draft… or a third, considering the changes the second one went through. But the story finally is complete and properly plotted. Now I just need to add dept. Specially to some of my favorite characters… which for some reason end up never being the main ones. Haha!

All in all, accomplished, happy and tired.  I’ll keep you posted on when I begin to revise and edit. My goal is 20 pages a day, but if inspired, more. :)
PS: I dreamed a lady was looking for my art, she ask me what happened. I told her I was writing. She asked me why. And I answer after much doubt and fear of the truth myself, “because I’ve always loved writing stories.”
Is a good sign, right?

she writes