40K Words and Counting

Well,  I managed 40K words! Let’s just say I will now just write until I finish the story. Because I think it will pass the 50K mark. Which is great! I’m already making notes on what to edit as I approach the end. To be able to tie loose ends. Yesterday I barely wrote. My head was feeling weird. I didn’t listened to it and I got a migraine attack like never. Dizzy and nauseous from night and half the next day. Which meant only about 1K words today. But I’m good now.

Last night before sleeping, I was bombarded with the solution to my character’s problem. And I had to write it down. Three pages of notes plus one of edits I need to make when I finish the draft. I have SO much to fix. But will do it gladly! I’m so happy with how my novel is taking shape! And the thing is, I keep getting ideas in dreams. So far I have ideas for at least six more novels. But one at a time, right? I was planning on making a trilogy, but decided to leave it at one story per novel. I don’t want to drag a story unnecessarily. If I get a miraculous idea for a book two or three then yes, I shall write them! For now, it’s just once. I’m thinking and wondering which should be the next one I write among the ones in my notes. I need to learn to focus, and this novel is really helping me.

Talking about focus. I was about to write the other two note pages from last night, but I got caught in making this…

It’s not final. But loving it so far! Just brainstorming ideas as I write. You see, whatever I am doing, if I get hit by an idea, I need to tackle it. Before loosing inspiration. This is why I need to learn to focus. I let this one slip because it’s related to my current project. And yes, that IS the title of my novel at the moment. I can’t describe my story better than that!

I’m addicted to #amwriting in twitter. I get plenty of inspiration, advice, tips, ideas, and much more! I am also using OmmWriter and Darkroom on desktop,  along with iPad’s WriteRoom. I love OmmWriter because I can set this TINY box to write, which counts my words and it’s distraction free! Also not plain white background which hurts my eyes. I’m very light sensitive and HATE white paper. Same reason I bought WriteRoom. I use my own meditation music to enter focus. But I would LOVE to find a classical music CD with a rapid tempo. My fingers seem to get the rhythm of the music and so does my brain allowing me to type quicker and focus more. But unfortunately, it’s still a long way until Pandora understand this request of mine. Not to mention the annoying ads which interrupt my flow. So, if anyone knows of a good rapid classical music, let me know!

What else… I am struggling with the pitch part of the book. So I decided to let it sit until I finish. I haven’t cracked my brain to write the novel and NOT going to do it for the pitch. So far I get all my inspiration ten minutes after attempting to sleep. In the same way, I will try to get the perfect words to promote it.

Well, thanks to this blog, there goes my next 2K words of tonight. Haha. I’ll write them tomorrow if I don’t do it in an hour. My head hasn’t entirely recovered from that terrible migraine attack. It even made me forget my own phone number which I never forgot before! Ever!

she writes