Where to begin?

So here I am halfway from my goal. At about 25k words for a basic draft I am not stuck. In fact, my story is so well rehearsed in my head, I fear I will just hit dead end if I dare modify anything. The problem is, I know I will have to change some things when editing. I kind of drifted away from my main concept. But it's still good. I just need to figure out a way to keep the themes simple in one novel. Leave the rest for others and not try to capture all concepts in one novel. Unless I aim for something like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. But I'm not, sort of. My story is more... Sweet and romantic? I don't really see the romantic side of my characters. But yea...

All in all I guess is time I start bragging about my story. You see, in simple words, which is as much as I dare post at the moment. A girl is thrown away from a Christian orphanage as they believe she is a demonic child. After almost dying frozen in a storm she finds herself in a whole new world, a realm. There she will discover there is more to life than she knows. Along the way she will try to find out if she is really human, or a demon like the nuns called her. The main concept in the story, is basically, energy. :) That is the main plot.

I will have a hard time writing a proper description when I publish it. Any help is welcome. I will basically be spending hours of editing with a dictionary english/English and Spanish/English so I can find proper words for the narration part. I overuse a lot of words, because my first language is Spanish. So I need to fix that too. I hope to have readers in the future for this blog. I am still unsure weather to publish under my name (which has more people who knows me) or under my writing name, the one here. One step at a time. One step at a time.

she writes