Where have I been?

Lost. Lost in worlds and realms inside my head. After vacations I had to take forced vacations... Until further notice. Hopefully not long.

In the mean while, I've been trying to unsuccessfully win some logo contests. And writing, a lot of writing... All in all between stories and personal writing... 10k words a day I dare say. Except lazy days. The thing is, I am writing a novel I am determined to finish and self publish. For fun and extra income. And because I'm sooo in love with my creation, I need to honor it by sharing it. I will most likely publish in amazon and kobo first. Then we will see the rest. I am clueless as of self marketing. But I still have a month before that. It's a goal I set myself, in a month I will have it finished and edited.

It all started with the iPad and long bus drives... Then came Nanowrimo... Where I reached 45k words... Yes I almost "won". The reason I stopped its because the story, in it's sense, was finished. But then I decided I needed more focus and less randomness... That's how I made... Three I believe, outlines. The last one, more detailed, of about 50 MSWORD pages haha. And from that, my current story is taking place. From about chapter... 8 it all changed again. And this time I'm going blind. As I've rehearsed and watch this story in my mind almost every night. My goal, just like with Nanowrimo, is 50k words. This is, because I know when I edit it, it will go to about 75k. Polishing characters take a lot of words.

All in all, I am looking forward to finish it. Even if I sell it online, I will have my own printed just to have it tangible and feel successful. :p

Btw. The story is fantasy/romance. Paranormal? If you think unnamed races in-between fairies and humans are considered paranormal, then yes. I rather stick to the fantasy tag.

she writes